Fidelity Credit Services, LLC.

A Third Party Collection Agency in Colorado.

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We will recover your debt.

Our mission is to turn your unpaid receivables from the loss side of the ledger to a gain. We employ the latest skiptracing technologies to not only locate your debtor but also any assets he [she] may have. Once located, our staff, including our attorney, will attempt with all due diligence to collect your money in a legal and ethical manner. As you can imagine, we cannot nor would we, unlike some others, guarantee a 100% collection rate. Our fees only come from monies collected, there is never a fee, cost or expense to you for our efforts.

We collect for:
Health Care
Property Management & Apartments
Storage Rental

Get us on the case!

We have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau – not many Collection Agencies can boast that.

Many collection agencies have thier collectors work on commission. We are against this practice, as we feel it encourages an un-ethical "do whatever it takes" approach. Our employees do not work on commission. We'd rather have them focusing on resolving the debt in the fairest and most appropriate manner. Please don't confuse this with softness, we work tirelessly to recover the debts owed our clients, but we live by a code and will not betray our ethics.

Meet Steve Devito – License #1674

Our Lawyer Steve Devito handles all disputes on our clients behalf. He has been in the industry for 25 years and knows it like the back of his hand. Having him in your corner is a huge advantage.

It also sets us apart from our comptetion. When a case goes to trial, most collection agencies take their fee and run.